The History and Future of Higher Education

This class is being taught collaboratively with Professors Christopher Newfield, English, University of California Santa Barbara, “English Majoring After College; or, Histories and Futures of Higher Education” (English 197) and with Professor David Palumbo-Liu, Comparative Literature, Stanford University, “Histories and Futures of Humanistic Education:  Culture and Crisis, Books and MOOCs” (English 265).

We will meet with the Stanford and UCSB classes via Google Hangout several times during the semester, two of which will include Prof. Doris Sommer, creator of Harvard’s Cultural Agency Project and the Bay Area’s Howard Rheingold, author of NetSmart and many other works on technology, collaboration, and creativity.

HASTAC #FutureEd Initiative Infographic

All three courses are part of a consortium run by HASTAC ( called “The History and Future of Higher Education”:

ISIS 640 will run at the same time as Prof Davidson’s six-week Coursera MOOC (starting January 27) on “History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education” and that MOOC will be incorporated, linked, commented upon, and the subject of research in the face-to-face Duke Class