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Inside Higher Ed | It’s Not a MOOC, It’s a Movement

12.18.13 // In January 2014, HASTAC, the nonprofit open learning network we founded in 2002 and now 12,000+ network members strong, will be mounting an international #FutureEd initiative designed to inspire thousands of students and professors to think together in innovative ways about the “History and Future of Higher Education.”

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Inside Higher Ed | 50,000 Strong to Change Higher Ed

11.4.13 //  Can 50 face-to-face courses, one massive open online course and more than 50,000 students working together change higher education? That’s what Duke University professor Cathy N. Davidson hopes, even as she embraces the technological issues of guiding an effort the size of a small city.

The initiative, called “The History and Future of Higher Education,” is being coordinated by Davidson, co-founder of the Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory, or HASTAC.

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